Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Blogoversary Time!

So a year has gone by, and much time has been spent on this little cyber-porch of mine. How should I commemorate this day? Favorite posts of the year... what this all means to me... where I am going with it... will I ever have a part 2 to any of the series I started... wow. I'll have to think about this for a minute. It's a lot to wade through and I'm glad there's no one around.

Did I hear something? Hello? Are you out there, listening to me listen for noises? I thought for sure I heard a click and a scroll and definitely an enlarging of the browser...

Oh Hi! You caught me! I was thinking about, well, you caught me, so you know exactly what I was just thinking about. Blogoversary stuff. What a year, huh. We've been through so much, and I mean all over the board, right? From the early days with Baby Four, when we played that awesome game Whack-a-mole, through the heated political season when I declared my feelings for Obama and Palin. I've never been much for tagging, labeling or linking older posts, or sticking with the continuity of a story line, but you've forgiven me and continued to come around for a visit. And then again, you've never been much for "joining a blog" so I guess we're even.
(That labeling thing would come in handy right about now, because I swear I've posted about how "joining a blog" is nothing like "joining the communist party.")
You've gotten a glimpse into this family of six, with its tender moments and sentimental times, and you've witnessed my attempts to order this maw of kid chaos. Your proudest achievement over the past year, though, may have been weathering through my obession du jour, Twilight. And for that, I am really sorry. My literary taste has also been all over the board this year. (I don't mean a word of it Edward, I still love you. Mwahh.) In fact, I have often thought of adding a component around here, and producing some book reviews of the thousand and one titles per month that I read. But that leads back to my inability to commit to continuity, remember?
You've told me that the kid quotes and tales are my bread and butter, and for that I am grateful. It is a never ending fount around here. Though sometimes I may have taken it too far, once again, you showed up to see what The Clan was up to. (Did you notice? I found the "joining a blog" post, totally by accident! Ah, closure.)
Speaking of taking it too far, if you have clicked over to read even half of the links I've provided, then you are a true Borderland warrior. I salute your dogged determination to support my Blogoversary reminiscences. (See previous picture of smiling B, for thank-you grin. Orange you glad I didn't say banana. Because I could have, you know. I could have linked to yet another post, and it would have said banana.)
And now, this Blogoversary tally would not be complete without a nod to my bloggiest buddy Susan, and a gigantic thank you to my pals. You all have Susan to thank for pulling me out of my safe little Baby Home Pages storyville, and into this wide-open blogland of possibility. I started my online posting 5 years ago, with an ultrasound picture of the impending twins, and a little story about preparing for that sort of surprise. As for my pals, my supporters, my best of the best - thank you for all of your emails of encouragement this year. Emails count as comments, and I totally don't blame you for not joining a blog. Really! ;)
And the rest is...
...yet to come.
For now, thanks for celebrating my Blogoversary with me, and just know that I am still on the Borderland.


  1. bethany!

    I got your card! It deserves a blog post totally devoted to the card. so cute!..
    if we keep on we might get invited to that blogher thing one year...
    you never know...
    maybe someone inspirational will do the keynote address...like ole gwynie p@ltrow. Happy Blogoversary chica! :)

  2. So now that I'm "blog-worthy" or
    "follow-worthy", I can't? Like the series of pictures of YOU. Finally, one of us in front of the camera. Thanks for sharing all your goodness through your blog and for the inspiration. t.


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