Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hambone Sisters

See these two hambones?

They turn seven on Saturday.
They have long legs and some honking big girl teeth.
They have strong emotions and clever minds.
They like to get into my cabinet and put on deodorant ("that arm pit stuff"), face powder and under-eye concealer. (I am a minimalist.)
They like to see their wrapped gifts, and think about the possibilities for days before opening the gifts. (This level of restraint did not come from me.)
One of them climbs trees like a lithe monkey. One of them is earthbound and avoids heights.
One of them hides dirty clothes under the bed. One of them is orderly and organized.
One of them procrastinates on HW. One of them jumps right into HW and leaves papers to be signed right on my desk.
One of them is not comfortable with technology and its workings. One of them is a natural with small electronics.
One of them has windblown, tangled hair within 5 minutes of brushing it. Actually, so does the other one.
As a pair, they are pretty darn complete.
I think I'll keep them.


  1. Love it!!! Isabella look so grown up!!!

  2. Now you have visitors from Asia too :)

  3. all children are a blessing but twins - doubly so. I like how you've sketched their contrasts. they both seem to have a fun-loving streak and love to ham it up for the camera. wishing them a happy happy birthday. take lots of photos! happy weekend to you Bethany.

  4. Hambones!!! Bring that on to the next photo shoot! Can't believe they are turning 7.


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