Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Something True

Tell me somethingTell me something true...

I have a lot of true things rolling through this brain these days. It's like I've lost the filter, you know, the one that tells you pretty lies. And reassures every little worry. Was it just me all along? Does everyone not have that filter?
Then let me tell you a story.

Sometimes, in some places, there is a girl who lives without anxious hurry. She believes the best about people; she believes in life and the wheel's potential to bring good things. She believes time will allow for many desires and goals to be fulfilled.

This is why I have begun asking friends what exactly composes a midlife crisis. This is more of a midlife evaluation, no? I am digging and brushing away chaff, and I am looking for substance. I am pushing away the pieces of life that hold no interest or value to me, and I am swallowing whole the experience of no filter. No hiding from myself. 
I am experiencing 39.
In classic style. 

Examining emotions
Considering angles
Implementing change 
Dissecting paradigms

Fun, right? 
Come along and join me. Tell me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Love Song To Words

If indeed our time here is spent
On a track riding a circular rail
like a roller coaster loop-de-loop on repeat
then I have surely seen this view
and made these choices
ramped up for the next Big Idea
and sat down at these keys
I've played a love song to words
have looked off into the trees feeling them
whisper through my mind
Woken in the night to snatch a dream onto paper
Gathering my words and torn scraps of ideas
come onto the track with me
We spin through time
and maybe I'm leaving a trail
capsules of times
Amuse-bouches for the mind
Listen for my scream on the final turn