Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A worthy field trip

Just a quick "hi-ya!" from me to you." Cause I've got, like, a baby to hold and stuff. You know. And some reading to do. And possibly, just possibly a piano to practice on.


Remember back when I had some jangle to spend, and I left you hanging and said I was getting a video cam or maybe a boat or a new child. Well, I totally did not. On the boat and the new child. Yes, on the vid cam, though we agreed that was just a regular old purchase, not a jangle initiative. (I know, how many times can I spend this little bit of money? Ssh!)

And yes on a piano! Tres lovely, my friends, tres lovely. Particularly that pretty little sliding button called "volume." Volume, you are my new best friend. You and "demo" make the digital piano revolution a hit. But back to volume - if I may steal your purpose, I would like to try installing a sliding control on the back of Child One's neck. Just to hear the chatter level go from an ear-splitting "10" down to a civil "3" could be divine intervention. Mmm.

**volume daydream break**

Nice, right? When your precious cargo gets back from school today and proceeds to recount the day at warp speed and volume 10, you will think of this.

Actually, I have another reason for posting today, though I did want to tell you of the sound of music now filling the house so beauteously. And how thrilled my Mom is that the 7 years of piano lessons will perhaps become some worthwhile pursuit and teaching moment for my brood. Like the Von Trapps! Only we could be called Rickey and The Lyrics... (Learics?) Right? I'm getting a shirt that says that, right now.

My reason for posting is to send you on an enjoyable, worthy field trip, over to etsy. Enjoyable, because you know you love etsy and all the fine handmade goods. Worthy, because my college friend and blog compatriot has just opened a shop! Tina makes lovely and clever handmade items, including cards and envelopes that make you want to frame them. Her husband Jack takes exquisite photographs. But a fantastic twist to this little venture is that the profits of purchases made through mid-October will benefit a school in Morocco, that Jack, Tina and their 3 little ones live near. The profits of sales from the etsy shop will help dig a well for the school, provide artwork and supplies for the school, and improve the environment and basic provisions for the children.

A beautiful listing of items, for a beautiful cause. So take a moment to read Tina's post on her shop opening, and then a moment to browse her wares. You will enjoy, I promise. And tell her I sent you!


  1. heehee..Ricky and the learics...What does rick think?

  2. :) no one here thought it was as funny as I did. Maybe Rick had heard it before, having been a Lear for so much longer? Cole smirked at me.


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