Thursday, October 16, 2008

You had me at "You..."

This delectable note was in my inbox this week:

You were one of the first‏
Barack Obama (
Mon 10/13/08 1:26 PM

Bethany --You were one of the first 100,000 people to own a piece of this campaign. You provided the strength needed to build a movement. Back then, few pundits or insiders thought we had a chance. But thanks to you, we overcame steep odds. Twenty months later, millions of Americans all across the country have joined you, working for change.

Oh Barack. You had me at "You were one of the first...." Oh wasn't I. I read about you, googled, youtubed and generally stalked you for the past 4 years. When others had never heard your name, I toted a Barack button on my handbag. When your name was but a blip in the Chicago legislature, I forwarded your local speeches. I fell for you. Your crisp diction. Your controlled eloquence. The way you say "Well. Look." as you gather your thoughts.

I have enshrined my fridge with your smiling countenance and love letters, pushing my children's artwork to the fringes. My little ones see your face on tv and come shrieking for me - "Mom! It's A-wok-a-bama!" *sigh*

Waiting for your call‏
From: (
Wed 10/15/08 11:06 PM

I know you are waiting for my call. I will place it very soon now, when early voting week opens.
Your siren song of change has captured me. Please don't break my heart.

Sincerely yours,

"one of the first"

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  1. bethany,

    were you excited to hear that colin powell has now endorsed your guy?

    i wonder what mc. must be thinking ....
    fingers are still crossed in LW!


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