Saturday, September 26, 2009


It was a red letter day on Friday, as I woke up to the surprise that my Letter to the Editor had been published in the local paper. Rachael called to tell me, and I went into flutter mode. What? When?! Where! Page 14, to be exact. It was the letter I posted a few weeks ago, questioning the school administration's arbitrary decision not to show the students the President's speech.
Hi, my name is Bethany. But you can call me Mother Shocked. :) And what about that ad underneath, proclaiming Free Publicity! Bring it.
I received some phone calls and emails from neighbors, and a visit from one over-the-top friend who insisted I sign her newspaper. She then chattered something about an "entourage," and asked when I would be volunteering at school next. I am pretty sure she envisioned trailing me around the school with a boombox on her shoulder, as it played John Legend's "I Can Change."
The most gratifying quality of the emails from my neighbors was this: they are not all of the same political persuasion. And yet, they recognized that slippery slope that crops up when unfounded decisions are made, and were thankful that someone spoke up.
I am simply thankful for friends and neighbors that recognize that there is room for disagreement, but not disrespect.

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. This post was good too!
    You keep topping yourself with your words. :)
    Maybe that editor will call you right back and ask you to be a contributor...for some jingle as compensation.

  2. Well, you go girl! Look at you! In print! I'd run over and have you sign a copy for me too if it weren't for the teensy tiny fact that I live forever away! LOL! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Congrats, B.! I'm impressed they printed your whole letter!


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