Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am wanting to say endless summer backwards, like Madam I'm Adam, because now the days are just r-e-m-m-u-s s-s-e-l-d-n-e to me.
I woke up with wanderlust and immediately began browsing on TripAdvisor. Yeah, that kind of wanderlust. The gotta get out of this r-e-m-m-u-s s-s-e-l-d-n-e kind of wanderlust. The kids kept wandering by, looking at the screen and whispering to each other "I think Mom is planning a trip... c'mere c'mere! Look! Sssshhh, I know!"
When the wandering need hits on the same day as a mood, there's trouble in paradise, people. I got all knotted up with What I Thought Would Be.
It's best to fast forward those days and move on, Check, please. New Day.

We were riding along in the van, and I was thinking 10,000 thoughts but couldn't hear myself over the noise of large voices from small people. I turned the music down and shrilled at them: "I can't hear myself think! You have to be quiet, this car is too small for all this noise."

Isabella apologized for the noise.
Cole looked over his shoulder and said: "Isabella. Don't be sorry. It was Mom's decision to have all these kids."

Yes, well.
Enough said.
Natural consequences anyone?