Wednesday, October 12, 2005

10/12/2005 - Eight and a half month update!

Well, I thought I would try a little stream-of-consciousness writing this time, to really get across the action going on around here. It is a multi-tasker's paradise! Or else grounds for permanent scatter-brain syndrome...

Here is one slice of a day: Babies crawling everywhere non-stop, trying to escape barriers I put up... Isabella is pulling up on everything, then can't get back down, so she cries... Jadyn crawls around perfecting her pincer-grasp by picking up small crumbs from the floor and eating them... jadyn rolls on isabella, kicks her in the head... Cole tries to pick up the girls, carry them around, drag them by their feet... jadyn leaves a spit-up trail everywhere she crawls, I follow behind wiping & scrubbing... oops, isabella can't get down from the windowsill again...Oh no, Cole's gone out the front door without that the laundry buzzer I hear... oh great, time to start getting dinner ready... and they're following me into the kitchen! jadyn is opening and slamming the kitchen drawers... isabella, stop pulling up on the trash can (gross!)...jadyn get out of the dishwasher... isabella is licking the kitchen floor... jadyn, don't kick her in the head! Cole, close the fridge quickly, the girls are getting in there... Is that the phone? Oh, hi (it's our car loan office) Cole get off of me! (phone ringing cues boy to take flying leap onto my back and giggle loudly into the receiver)... jadyn, come back sweetie (phone ringing cues girl 1 that she can proceed to foyer and eat plant leaves)... Isabella, this way! (phone ringing cues girl 2 that it is now OK to teethe on the wooden staircase)... Cole, put her down g-e-n-t-l-y... Is that the garage I hear? Daddy's home! Cole, please use a quiet voice (arrival of paternal unit cues boy to talk at abnormally loud decibal level)... jadyn, hush baby, daddy will get you (arrival of adored father cues girl 1 to fuss until picked up)...Isabella, stop licking the floor & fussing! (arrival of daddy cues girl 2 that it must be dinner time)... and the rest is history!

Friday, February 25, 2005

2/25/2005 - A Cole story...

The other day Cole asked me "Mom, what does re-dentical mean?" I kept having him repeat the word, while I scrambled to understand what he was saying. Finally, I got it. I asked if he meant "identical" since I knew he had heard everyone asking if the twins are identical. He said, yes, that was what he meant, so I explained the word, while he looked at me with his brow furrowed. When I was done, he said "Well, our girls are not identical, because Isabella is wearing pink, and Jadyn is wearing pink with white stripes, and so they don't look the same!"
What a good explanation...

More on being identical:
Today Cole was looking at the girls, and said "Mom, are our twins prac-tical?" I giggled and said no, they're fraternal. Cole frowned at me and replied, "Well, I see that they're wearing the same shirt today, so that means they're the same."