Wednesday, September 24, 2008

She has read too many books...

...and it has addled her brain. :)
I'm back on the subject of "Twilight" - or I should say I never left it, since I thought about that book all night while I whack-a-moled my boys. It must be a particular knack to get lost in a book, and I've possessed that knack for many a year. I remember adolescent days of my Mom having to come up to my room and rouse me out of a book, when she had been calling me to come for dinner. At that time it was The Black Stallion series, and anything else horsey, or anything Madeleine L'Engle/fantasy.

What you may find amusing, astounding, or downright impossible is the fact that I have retained that knack - even in the midst of the 5 o'clock mayhem, I can mentally transport. (Quite a useful skill, I might add! And you would agree, if you have ever stepped foot in a houseful of under-10's before dinner.)

It happened yesterday, in the late afternoon. "Twilight" was so riveting that as I sat in the den reading, with the kids noise in the background, I did not even notice that the 3 had migrated to form a semi-circle around my chair. They were taking turns calling my name and I barely noticed. Finally Cole, gave a louder shout and I looked up, startled. The three of them cackled at that, thinking I was playing with them, pretending to ignore them. I felt a little disoriented and actually agreed to immediate rounds of ice cream. I think. At any rate, I felt mildly disapproving toward myself.
Can a book be "forget-to-feed-your-kids" good? That should be on the rating scale, along with "forget-to-pull-ahead-in-the-carpool-line" good, "forget-to-go-to-bed" good and "forget-you-even-have-kids" good. My favorite fall books are the "forget-there's-a-football-game-on-and-we-won't be-going-anywhere-all-season" type. :-)
So, this book was all that good, so good in fact that as I got within 40 pages of the end, I reserved the next 3 in the series at the library. They had one available immediately, and I wanted it so badly, that I actually took the girls and Phoenix into the library first thing this morning. Whoa. Be still my heart! I know, it astounded me, too.
Alas, book 2 was MIA, despite the librarian's search. All that effort for nothing - now I have to wait for the transport truck to bring My Books from south of town. *evil eye at that other fan who is holding onto the book past the due date*

Here's to book-addled brains and mental transportation! ;-)

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  1. That is so funny!
    Oh, A wrinkle in time, and A swiftly tilting good!
    Books can also be, "forget you have PMS good", too.


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