Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

OK, that's all the Shakespeare for now, it just sounded like a good intro. Could have just said friends, but the rest rolled out.
I'm here! Present and accounted for! When 3 friends wrote to ask where I was, all in the same day, I realized I had fallen off the face of the earth for a week. =)

I didn't think I could be humorous this week about this pack o' Lears, until I kept repeating a funny quote I read recently. This author, Stephenie Meyer, was describing her 3 small boys, and called them "chimpanzees on crack." :-) That's it! That's where I was all week, handling my cracked up chimps.

Then, because simply being crazy is not enough, I started a painting project. Our banister, which curves around with the stairs, and continues upstairs around the loft, looked boring to me. So I decided to paint it a deep espresso color. Only, I had to tape off 5,000 white spindles so they wouldn't get painted too. And that's only the beginning. The clever paint dude at Lowe's directed me to prime the banister first. I taped and primed for 20 minutes before Baby 4 woke up in an ornery mood, and I'm realizing this lovely project will be on-going... because when Jadyn aka Peelerina got home from school , she went around peeling off the painting tape. Ah.

So I decided to read instead, since I can do that while jostling said baby on one knee. And I got totally wrapped up in this book, Twilight. The aforementioned author, of chimpanzee on crack fame, is riveting! But on my way to reserve the next 2 books, through my library online, I saw emails that lead me here, and well, that's that.

I'm sure I can manage some project pics in the next few days! Or at least a book report on this really good book.... ;-)

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