Sunday, June 1, 2014


This one goes out to my ladies, near and far. Now I'm grinning, because in my head, I sounded like Barry White when I typed that. 
I gather you in, your strength, your positive thoughts and vibes - you. I think these days roll by and we hurry and scurry, and I think maybe I forget to tell you I care. Then I read a bit of a writing by someone like Rachel Lewis, and it burns me with its direct beauty. 

I count you on my fingers
One digit for each
You are my soul sisters
and I am saying lucky
with each name I recite
lucky lucky lucky
Lucky we found each other
lucky lucky lucky
Lucky our hearts knit
I breathe your name
I call up your essence in my head
In times of need
You are comfort, you are calm
On days of challenge
You are rage, you’ve got my back
Like saints I whisper you into being
Conjure you with a memory
You are my rosary
My consolation in days of dread
Blood’s got nothin’ on soul