Saturday, September 6, 2008

One small step...

I came up with a phrase that amused me this week, and since it won't stop running through my head I'll exorcise it here.

Sarah Palin: one small step for Republican-kind, one giant leap back for womankind.

This week, part of the "it" that irks me was said better in 2 news articles than I could have hoped for. And so I'm simply going to share 2 articles as food for thought. 'Cause I've sure been thinking about them, though I try & try to move on and not get agitated. :) Maybe agitated isn't the word... incredulous? boggled? fired up!

The fact remains that the women of my generation stand on the shoulders of women who fought for equality of the sexes. And though I may not choose to exercise every one of those hard-won rights, I hold tightly to the freedom. And I refuse to countenance any potential leader that would revoke those rights. My girls will not grow up in a world without personal freedom, a world where the government dictates to their potential harm, what they can and cannot do with their bodies. It's not about whether or not a woman chooses to exercise her rights - it's the simple fact that the rights exist. And should continue to do so in a world inhabited by equal peoples.

First some humor...
Sarah Palin and foreign policy:

Then some meat...
Gloria Steinem on Sarah Palin:,0,1290251.story

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  1. OMG Bethany!
    You are so eloquent in your political arguments...
    the way I said it to my daddy tonight is..
    "The only thing that Sara Palin and H. Clinton have in common is that they both happen to have a vagina, if the R's were hoping to get the Hil vote, they were wrong, anyone who would have voted for Hillary is not going to change her mind and vote for Mc. just b/c he happened to pick a person with a vagina for his running mate!!!"
    I was fired up too. :)


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