Monday, August 10, 2009

Your Favorite Part

The First Day of School Favorite Things:

Cole: "Finding out we can earn points and get rewards, like a no-homework pass, or sitting at the teacher's desk all day!"
(Ah, 3rd grade... ah, my son... who thinks sitting with his teacher is a terrific reward for good behavior...)

Isabella: "Playing with hoops on the playground!"

Jadyn: "Riding on the bus!"

Phoenix: "Sitting on Mommy's lap all day! Undisturbed!"

It went off without a hitch, as they stepped onto the bus with big grins and eyes only for the day ahead. They left me smiling, and they returned home smiling & chattering and full of stories.

Sweet success.
More later... good night.


  1. So glad to hear school brings happiness to the entire Lear flock!

  2. School started!!!
    You will have some time for you now! I bet the girls will love it. :).
    I saw your mama while ago. She invited us for Sunday Soiree--we plan on attending.


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