Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hither and Yon

That's where I've been this week. Hither and yon. Shoes, socks, jeans, backpacks. For three little darlings that will step onto a bus in the morning, and thus reduce the hours per day that I spend being outnumbered and out-maneuvered.

At 7:30am my kingdom will be reduced to a one-on-one ratio for six hours. Mano a Mano, little Phoenix. You and me. I like them odds, little dude. And I know you do, as you have previewed your plans for me, and they include being rocked for 20 minutes at the time while you suck your thumb and play dentist with my lips and teeth.

Other than the school shopping, I have been painting and panicking. Maybe the panicking is responsible for the painting, who knows. Regardless, the outcome will be interesting, I think. We'll see. I haven't attempted this sort of painting before, and I won't try to describe it. But I will post photos as soon as I am done.

The panicking has been over the idea of my twin loves going to big girl school. I can't pretend they are so little anymore, since they are the general size of first-graders, but I can still sink gigantic smooches into Isabella's plump cheeks - so that is little enough. And though Jadyn has lost her three-fat-roll arms and legs, and traded them in for the long, sleek type, she still chatters with a lisp that I have to giggle over. These two have been my easiest, even though they came as a package. They play together happily all day, they rarely beg for treats when we have to run errands, and they sit happily in the car no matter how far the drive. They say things like "Put out a decoy!" whenever Phoenix comes by to smash their Legos, and they cheerfully refill his water cup and share their snacks. I think I need their help. I know I will miss their company.

Then the panic subsides as the noise level raises the roof, and I find all four kids in the crib with Phoenix after his nap. And I hear Cole shaking the crib and yelling "Earthquake! Hold on tight!" And the panic abates as I see the girls sharing their markers with Phoenix, and watch him enjoying the flavor and consistency of fresh marker. And then the panic disappears as I meet their new teachers, and feel that they are a perfect fit. Preschool is a good thing. They will learn that their "numbers" are actually "letters" and that is a really good thing, and probably very useful in the long run.

And that is where I have been for a week. Switching from shopping to panicking to painting and back again.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see the post of what you are painting!
    Love that "put out a decoy". Beautifully written - as always.

  2. I was going to ask how did they do, but maybe I should ask how did you do sending them off? I'm somewhat cheating the system by homeschooling. It is my secret plot to hold on to them just a little while longer! (sinister laugh! bwah hahaha!)
    Hope the day went great! And happy blogiversary too!


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