Friday, November 23, 2012

toil and trouble

I work my alchemy
with words
on pages only, if you please
Because kitchen magic
is beyond my ken
drink magic too
A domestic artsy bent here & there
But mostly
I am left to mix and stir
double double toil and trouble
on blank white pages
Wishing sometimes I could 
eat my words.

Bethany 11/23/12

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clearing The Air

Well, I see you have been regaled with The Tales of Phoenix this week... and man, he tells a good story. It's like, exactly how it went down! But, as a small boy would, he forgets some other moments. Like, just this morning, when he woke me up at 6:15 to snap his pants. He was up and already dressing in his dress clothes for the school Thanksgiving Feast - without being told. And like yesterday, when I got him out of class to go to the school Book Fair. We walked around the media center, browsing and talking - only I could *barely* hear him! He had his major quiet voice on, and it is not a voice I am familiar with. I had to keep kneeling down to kiss him. No wonder he shouts all early morning and afternoon - he has used up his quiet quota.
When he arrived home, and we were sitting together looking through his Book Fair finds, he twinkled up at me and said: "I'm so proud you went to the Book Fair with me today."
Gah! Knock me over!
If he keeps rolling out the sweetness to go with all that cuteness, I am in t-r-o-u-b-l-e. I had to eat all his sugar, as my grandmother would say, smashing my face into his little soft neck. Then he got into a "soft" war with me, arguing over who was the softest! Swoon!
That kid.
My boy is changing.
I am torn.
The sweetness it melts me; the wildness I envy.
The boy who dances to unheard music, with hilarity and cool moves.
The boy who takes on all comers with a surefire attitude and a cocked hip.
The boy who can disarm an agitated situation with a comical shtick and turn us all into giggling fools.
Living with abandon is not to be underestimated.
When I think of the brief times I tried it, I get happy. I bubble inside.
I want his bubbles never to pop.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guest Blog: I'm Still Awesome

Hey Fans, I'm back!
And I. Am. Still. Awesome! I mean, just this morning, before school, I totally was ramping up my house. I was like "I wanna snaaaack! Gimme a snaaaack! NOT a breakfast, a snack!" My Mom was all "Here buddy, how about a waffle..." "Come on buddy, let's get dressed..."and I'm all "ROAAAR! Not yet! I'm not getting dressed! ROARR!" And then she's all shutting my bedroom door with ME in there! Dudes! I yelled "Hey! Hey! I gotta go to school! Let me outta here 'afore the bus comes! I wanna get dressed NOW!"
Next thing I knew, I was on the couch with my mouth quiet, dressed and eating a broken waffle I didn't EVEN want. And if I'm on that couch, you know who I want beside me. So I get the pillow and put it all nice and flat, and pat it fluffy and then let it rip: "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Mom! Sit with me! I got your spot ready. Sit with meee." And then I'm all:

Hey dude.

And she comes over to me, but she's all mumbly, saying I am just like some guy named Stewie. As if.
My name is Phoenix. 
Phoenix out.

Monday, November 5, 2012

On the Eve

Hi friends.
What a difference of a few years! Remember my constant pitter-pat heart posts of 4 years ago??
This year I have Facebook election fatigue.
I combat it by clicking "unsubscribe" on anyone who posts ugliness. It is disappointing; it is disconcerting. I wonder if some friends actually think they are more moral, more spiritual because of their choices. Can one be more anything than another? As though there is a separate level of humanity - the more humans. They are simply more.
I guess there is not much difference after all, in 4 years.
Our local Atlanta news anchor quoted a funny line tonight:

"Wow, your repeated political posts and status updates have really made me re-think my vote.... said no one ever."

This time around I have simply felt silent. No less committed to my beliefs, just less concerned with broadcasting them. Thankfully, my hometown NC relatives have been less broadcast-y too. Not a single right-wing defamation email all season. Last election,  I prepared a special rebuttal, just for all those emails I was zinged with day and night! Please to reminisce with me...

Over the past year you have sent unsolicited political emails to me, calling Barack Obama a variety of names. Some of the more colorful names given to him in the emails were these: Anti-American, Muslim, terrorist, socialist, Fidel Castro, racist, liar.

There remains only one name for you to call him now.

Mr. President. 

I am hopeful.
I stand for freedom and truth.
I am ever and always a patriot.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Life & Times of Learcats

These kitties, they are so tolerant. Well, Chloe is tolerant all the time, Peter is tolerant some of the time. I have more shots of Peter because he is often getting into trouble. It's hard to get shots of Chloe, as she is usually in my lap. Mah bebe! She blogs with me, reads with me, and generally shadows me all day. And who thought I would be alone, with all the kids in school!

 Peter cooperated for this photo shoot, set up by the girls.
 Chloe doesn't even wake up for it. She's like Gumby-cat. 
 Peter is nosy. He is always in my business. I moved this table, put things on it, and there he was, inspecting my work.
 When he's not in my business, he's carrying bags around like a puppy. I caught him dragging a bag of grapes around this week.
This pink ball is his favorite. He hides and finds it all day long.
Pink, the manly color.
Wot? Just hangin' in the tent, me and my pink ball. 
 Chloe even tolerates Phoenix and his exuberant love.
 Peter again, bag in mouth.

 Isabella reads to them, like a mommy should. They have an enormous vocabulary for 5 months.

Peter sandwich!
And that's your Learcat update. I'm almost embarrassed to have 13 cat pictures.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Motley Crew

Last Saturday was my night out, with my co-conspirators Erin (Day of the Dead redhead) and Rachael. Thanks to Erin, who suggested the steampunk theme, which Rach & I grabbed & ran with. Victorian industrial sci-fi anyone? Do you like a little time travel in your life?
We've got your day of the dead, your steampunk & your day of the steampunk dead right here.

Jadyn the candy corn witch

Wot? Did Rickey play along this year?! The Cure & Cole the Reaper


Puppy Isabella!

Cole, Jadyn, Isabella Vega, Phoenix (Spidey!), Mattie
the BFFs

Chloe sez: "Plz let me scratch these down now! Halloween iz over! I been waiting so very long..."