Thursday, August 20, 2009

If labeling is your game...

...then this should be in your repertoire. Maybe it already is, and I am a late bloomer. :) Entirely possible.

My predicament was this: I needed to label the backpacks for school. The teacher had requested this, so she could easily find each bag. I looked around for initial tags, and found to my surprise that the initial "I" is rarely made. The clerk's explanation was that many artists skip a few letters, due to low sales. Interesting, eh. Frustrating - mais oui.
My need for uniformity would not allow me to buy one adorable tag with a "J" and then search for a little-made "I" tag. I turned to Etsy. I found many instances of adorable, but my inner frugal-elf said no way. And my inner craft-elf said (everybody chime in now!)
"I can do that!"

And so I did. Please enjoy my new tags, crafted from scrapbooking papers, and laminated at Kinko's for the low cost of $2. For all 4. Ah-yeah-yeah... On the reverse side is a coordinating bohemian paper, and our phone number.
I am totally giving away the farm here, because this is my new gift idea for anyone and everyone. Please act surprised come Christmas-time.


  1. Those crafty genes are coming out bethany! those are great--smart mama!
    the other day at sissy's mama's house your mama was there and when she left we were admiring her talent and brenda was saying how your mama got those genes {and she did not}

  2. Oo, oo!! (picture me jumping up & down wildly) while waving my hand in the air like a child who knows the answer!!! What do I have to label?? I dunno.
    But, I'll figure it out after I get me some "Bethany originals"! :D

  3. LOVE those! I cannot get ENOUGH of etsy! Love it!


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