Friday, November 14, 2014

Dreamcatchers and Dreamkillers

What a loaded title. I'm so emo lately, all dramatic and building titles in my head all the livelong day. I dash notes on a small pad when I'm at stoplights. I scribble titles on the back of receipts and pile them in the dreamcatcher pocket of my purse. Do you have one of these in your purse? It can hold all manner of things, now that I think of it. Business cards of beautiful shops. Titles that sound like candy on your tongue. Coupons to enjoy a lovely lunch. Lines to a story that will move the world. You know, just little things like that. 

On the next Maury! Dreamcatchers and Dreamkillers

Does there have to be a small death to enable a dream? Do we kill a choice to gain a decision? 
I'm still thinking about the evolution of a life. Welcome to my den - where the discussions of purpose and intent, wishing and dreaming and being are all on the table. My Dad used to say - Be a thinker! Think new thoughts, figure out what you believe!
I think he laid a spell in that direction, like I can only move through life Being a Thinker. He has trapped me, and you are trapped with me.

Friends are dreamcatchers or dreamkillers.

We all know them - the Catchers hear you out and love what you are about. They don't seek to be practical or narrate the bottom line. These people can become your Muse, because you will think of them when you are feeling creative and lighter than air. Their open-hearted support makes you continue when even you yourself are mired in practicality and thinking all-too-much about the bottom line.
Suddenly you think of a Catcher in your life and you are on track. You know that if someone believes in you, you can do it. This feeling will not be measured - it is the feeling that inspires and lights the fire and energizes you to Be Yourself.
It will urge and lead you to redecorate a room, to start a business, to paint a new color, to run with scissors, to keep on writing.

Be a dreamcatcher.

There are too many who are not; they cannot get on board with the dreamers. They do not understand how you could possibly succeed when they do not see value. Don't think of them. They deflate your purpose with their doubt. 

Figure out what you believe - about yourself and about your purpose. Move in that direction.

With love to all my dreamcatchers and muses. 
(Dreamkillers? Ain't nobody got time.)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Ish Wish Dish

Wishes are funny things.

Sometimes small and simple, other times deep and underlying yearnings. Some wishes are easily satisfied, with a matter of time. Then there are wishes I think we all carry for life, running under the surface of us, either hidden or on our sleeve. I used to wish every day, in my head and under my breath, to just be able to finish a hot meal. Ditto for every parent of small kids, I'm sure.

I carry the lifetime wish of worldwide exploration and the current of gypsy-like tendencies skims in my blood. It's always pushed down, and always overcome by practicality and reasonable decision-making. That wish doesn't die, but it aches a bit with the passing of years, and is accompanied by a gulping swallow as I soothe it with false promises. So too the aching wish for my dad, and his return to me. That one has a different ache, a kind of twisting in the gut, coupled with regret for the times he is missing. That wish pricks tears no matter when it comes to mind.

Yesterday I wished that I could snuggle under a throw that did not smell of dog. But the mission of the kids is to leave every throw out for the dog to burrow under - they wish for the dog's comfort. I wish I could wash a throw, and then a have a chance to burrow myself in it while it is fresh.

Today I am doing and not wishing, for wishes are silly things on this day. They are not real on this day. They live in beams of sunlight, and move on the breath of newborn babe. They shine like a new copper penny under a foot's worth of fountain water.

Hold onto your wishes; throw them away occasionally.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month!

Writerly people unite and commit to writing a set amount of words per day, for the entire month of November, and I'm participating. Yes, I'm already behind, because even though many moms claim to stay up at night to write, I am not that person. See previous VBI post. Without the right amount sleep I would have to be committed.
So I'm carving out time and probably not doing some household things that ought to be done. But also not doing some time-wasting things that could be left undone. I think it's going to even out.
But I decided that even if I am behind all month, I will still be ahead of where I was, if I didn't participate. Right?
Let's do this.
Do it with me!

NaNoWriMo details and interesting info here: