Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fickle creature

That fickle creature, inspiration. Oh, whimsical mistress, inspiration.

This is a continual topic amongst creative people of every sort. I hear it from my Mom, as she works with fabrics daily and creates divine window treatments. I hear it from my friends as they craft and scrap and photograph and decorate as the inspiration dictates. I marvel at my foodie friends as they work creative magic in the kitchen. (Though I am responsible for that gustatory delight called the Banana Boat.)

And I think on inspiration myself, as I move about my day molding this home, and writing about this life. I think it's fair to say that whatever brand of creativity moves you, nothing is more laborious than creating when you are not "feeling it." But when the flow is on and that spark lights up - go with it, baby.

A few weeks ago I dove into something new, because I was inspired by my friend Rachael's pencil drawing. She had come upon a drawing of a phoenix, and thought I might be interested. Umm, possibly, right? Right. I was elated, and set out to make my little fellow an awesome piece of artwork for his room.

Only, I forgot that I don't really paint. Craft-painting isn't the same thing as painting something that you hope will become suitable for hanging...
But as my crafty pal Traci assures me, I am sometimes bold. Not necessarily in all aspects of life, but in diving into a project and believing something whole and worthwhile will result, I am game. And since I promised I would share my results, as this phoenix experiment has been responsible for my sparse blogginess...

Here he is, though my photog skills are questionable. :)

I included the shot below, taken without flash, because the actual colors are deeper tones. I painted a layer underneath of shiny red, and that was all the flash picked up.

It's safe to say the nursery is changing as Phoenix grows, and I am excited to hang this where he can see it from his crib, and growl at it as he does at all things. Here's to that elusive spark called inspiration, may you ride it to its fullest!


  1. Very beautiful Bethany!
    Yes, to have inspiration and create things are absolutely the best things in life.

  2. Wowzers, Girl! I AM impressed and inspired by your boldness!
    This is beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  3. Oh man Bethany!

    That is gorgeous!
    He will love that forever. :)
    (I am trying to type-growl)

  4. Ya'll are the best! You have made my day. Shucks, I was just havin' a little fun with some colors... :) Thanks for the love.


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