Friday, May 22, 2009

School's out

I hardly know what to say today. It's the last day of 2nd grade, and the young ones are morphing. It's the beginning of summer here, and the mama is getting nervous. Each year I alternate between relief (no more morning sergeant mama!) and anxiety (teachers sustain me!). And I try to combat both by having a plan.
I like a plan.
I like an orderly plan written on lined paper.
Would you guess that about me? Ordered chaos.
I like to point to a plan and a schedule and a time frame, and perhaps use it as a life preserver.
As in: "Oh no no no... you'll have to leave the kitchen. It's only 8:57am, and snack time isn't until 10am. See there? Right there on the schedule. That is a 10."
I like signs placed strategically around the house. My mom came up with good ones, and I have one to add.
Yesterday in Cole's class I noticed Rule #24: "No chewing noisily, smacking lips or spitting food. Eat mannerly." This I like!
A new project for me.
Talk to the sign.

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