Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My Mom taught the girls some little dances during her visit!

I love this shot of her and the girls, tap dancing. It is so cute to watch them learn a little dance, and clippity clop all over the deck.

We had a really nice weekend with Mom here, full of activity & a few projects. She had made some curtain panels for the boys' room, and they turned out awesome. The room looks finished and cozy now - and since they have black-out fabric on the back, the room is ready for its new little occupant. Cole wants Phoenix's crib right beside his bed :) I'm just ready to have my room back, and happy that Cole wants to share his room!

Cole's corner is so sweet now! Though I'm sure the dinosaur prints will be migrating to Phoenix's side very soon, as Cole hopes to replace that sweet set with something boyishly gruesome...

The girls had a terrific first day at preschool! This shot cracks me up. I get tired of all the perfect smiling shots, and have been into the wacky ones lately. They show so much personality. :) Both of the girls said that painting was the best part of their first day. Then Jadyn added that she liked snacktime, and throwing away her trash. Hmm. Maybe she will bring that "like" home! Isabella has been very cooperative about dressing in appropriate school clothes. But the minute she walked in the door Tuesday, she stripped out of that girlie stuff to put on "cool" clothes. (blue Mickey Mouse tee and red shorts - her uniform.)

We'll see how Day 2 goes!

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  1. That picture of the girls is so funny, b/c that is what they do!
    Elena does that for almost every picture now.


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