Sunday, August 10, 2008

On the deck

Tonight we grilled chicken & hung out on the deck for a while. The older kids played Roller Derby, which is flying around our little deck in crazy circles, on their trikes. They have watched Cars the movie a lot, and are really into crashing each other from behind. Fun. I think it lets out the aggression in a rather safe way, right? :)
Phoenix watched the leaves dance from his bouncy seat, chewed on his hands & tried not to get crushed by a flying sibling.
Rick grilled & smoked a cigar.
I enjoyed some white wine & tried to keep my toes out from under the trike wheels.
We were ready to go in and eat when Cole started crying - his toe got run over. Isabella & Jadyn wanted some "moolk." Then Phoenix tuned up - he was tired of hanging out. So I gave them all a bowl of ice cream OUTSIDE, we took our dinner INSIDE and enjoyed a quiet meal, watching them out the bay window. :) Phoenix is liking the idea of nursing while we are eating - in the way of all our babies, he gets crabby right at dinnertime. The witching hour. The arsenic hour. Or, as Rick's Bermudan client called it: "the nigglies." Whatever it means, Bermuda has it right - kids get the nigglies at dinnertime.


  1. bethany,

    remember big wheels?
    did you feel like a bad a** on yours? or what?...
    You know what they are thinkin on that deck!

  2. yep! both of mine would lay in the bouncy seat and cry while we ate, and wanted to cry with them.
    i never mastered the art of nursing while eating... in all my 30 months of nursing..
    kudos! :)
    slick! :)
    check out this blog:

    i love maryellen, used to work with her.
    her blog is fun.
    used to be:

    of course you have to put the www. there.
    i took out those, i will email them to you. ;)


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