Friday, August 29, 2008


Last night, I watched our future President accept the Party nomination. He was eloquent, impassioned and inspiring – adjectives I have not used to describe a political candidate since I came of age.

And so I have been mulling over Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, trying to figure out just why it moved me, and what makes him the candidate for me. For all of my “voting-age” years, Clinton and Bush have been in office. In the Clinton years I hardly had a political opinion. And in the Bush years I have cared deeply and been at odds with his leadership for 8 long years. So to feel utter patriotic pride after a speech, and excitement for our country’s future is new and thrilling to me.

Barack Obama’s message of unity sits well with me and my beliefs. He spoke of it last night, the notion that we are not Americans of every race and division, but simply Americans. I take it a step further – before we can possibly resolve issues both domestic and international, we must acknowledge our commonness. Obama simply gives me hope that instead of seeking political & cultural divisiveness, we can seek a common goal and unite toward it.

No matter how “”Kumbaya” it sounds, I believe in my core that international peace will become a reality in my lifetime. And when that day comes, when the state of international relations makes that change from an idealist notion to a present reality of peace, it will have been worth any amount of work. It is with that goal in mind that I stand behind Barack Obama. He will prove himself to be a man of solution, though it will not be popular with every citizen. He will be willing to sit down with world leaders and devise strategies that are not based on war and invasion, or fear-mongering, but on the grounds that a peaceful resolution can be found. Yes, war is the history of mankind, but at some point we must stop re-living our history and create our future.

Toward that end, we need a leader that can inspire and encourage. We need a leader with charisma, and should not fear that quality. For the tool of charisma can pull followers together and accomplish real change. People don’t get excited by mere words. We get fired up when those words are spoken powerfully by someone with the inherent qualities of leader. Someone whose destiny it is to lead our country into a new phase.

I am Bethany L. and I approve this message… :-)

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  1. well-spoken sista! :)
    now, i am just keeping my fingers crossed until november....
    Please, god....let obama win.


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