Saturday, August 9, 2008


Yep, it's an election year, and the e-rumors are flying. I received one yesterday that I could not fathom. It was simply Not True! Something to the effect that Ob@m@ had stated that the US is not a Christian nation, but is made up of Christians, Muslim, Buddhists, etc.etc. Then the writer went on to declare this supposed statement a travesty, and proclaim that "our ancestors fought & died to make this a Christian nation" and he's trying to take that away.

Cough cough. If I know my history, I would have to say that the founders of America came here seeking....

wait for it.....


Yes, those dear immigrant Puritans, Quakers & Calvinists were being oppressed in those lands across the ocean, right? So they came here to worship freely, however they chose. And though they all happened to stem from Christian sects, and write their beliefs into the fabric of our Constitution and Declaration, there was never any PS "Christians Only" addendum. I have been under the impression for my entire life that the Revolutionary War was fought to free us from a colonial power - I never knew that was a religious war! Wow! Did I miss an attempted anti- Christian coup at some other historical juncture too? This is mildly distressing. Somewhere out there, many Americans are baa-ing and believing this innocuous email.

Geez, the things you learn on the internet...

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  1. This is all spooky to me too.
    why do politicians even spend time talking about religion?
    why do they get asked questions about it?


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