Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I dreamed once that I was surrounded by wolves. They were not threatening, but protecting me. Now, Rick takes pictures of me any time we see wolves. :) It's comforting to know that if we are ever in a pack of wolves, and everyone else is terrified, I can be randomly certain I will be safe. Right? Dreams do come true!

Random wolf, Wildlife Safari.

See how near it comes to me? It practically looks like it is trying to follow me home!


  1. I had no idea you were the wolf whisperer. (;
    I'll be sure to stand behind you if ever around wolves or wild geese...equally terrified of both species.

  2. When I was younger and into my late teens, I used to dream about being surrounded by monkeys and apes. It was the most regular, never-changing dream I've ever had. I'm not sure the purpose or message of it, if any, but I've learned enough about monkeys over the years to know I don't want to be buddies with any!


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