Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A new phase for us

This morning began our new phase:
Cole in 2nd grade
Isabella & Jadyn in preschool for 2 mornings a week
Phoenix home taking long naps during those 2 mornings (positive thinking WORKS!)

This morning got a little crazy, getting it all in gear. Hurricane Fay decided to send bucketfuls of rain our way, after months of drought. My Mom had to be taken to the train, to get to the airport, Cole to the bus, Isabella & Jadyn to preschool and walked into the building for the first day.

First off was Cole, who decided just before walking out the door, that he didn't want to go to school. And cried. Our eyes widened - why does this happen on the girls' first day! We didn't want them worrying about school... so Rick quickly shuffled Cole out the door to the bus, in a modest downpour - 7:15am.

At 8:25am, Phoenix & I left to deliver Mom to the train, and a 20 minute ride took 45, in that same downpour.

At 8:45am, Rick headed out to take the girls to their First Day of school - and now it was a torrential rain. As he walked them to the building, under a huge umbrella, they got soaked, and had to put on their spare (in case of accident) clothes from their bags... so much for the cute first day outfits! And Isabella is not an easy child to pry Cole's clothes off of in the first place, she has to be cajoled into wearing her own clothes. ("I don't wanna be CUTE, I wanna be COOL!")

At 9:45am Phoenix and I arrived back at home, Rick & I shared stories, and I felt some unexpected angst :) that lasted only a moment, and then the demands of an infant set in, and we were starting our day. The girls made not a peep as they were dropped off (yay!) - which bodes very well for their school career.

So, that's it in a nutshell - as Mom sits at the airport, suffering an hour delay so far, due to the welcome rain. Maybe she'll write her own story...

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  1. That is wild that they all started on the SAME DAY!
    and to have a rainy first day...I can see why cole was crying!
    good luck ;)


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