Tuesday, December 8, 2009

That Caterpillar

You know the one. The famous one from the books, that is always very hungry. I think it's here. Inside my children. Either that, or all the food I pack for lunches and school snacks is not being eaten. They arrive home utterly famished, and continue to ask for refills until I call it quits & chase them out of the kitchen.

I just checked the fruit bowl, and they ate through an entire bunch of bananas & half a bag of apples - and that was just for "seconds." You know, after the good stuff, the cracker products. I attempt to stop the locusts by telling them "That's it. If you're still hungry, have fruit."

"Oh," they seem to say, rubbing their hands together - "...we thought you'd never ask!"

And that's when I thought about the caterpillar. Looking at the empty cracker boxes and banana peels, and half-gnawed apples strewn about the kitchen.

I know what this means.

It means: get ready to shop for clothes {again} because they are fixing to grow out of everything they own.
Please enjoy this brief intermission of leaf-scattering photos from last week. (cue elevator music.)

On the preparation front, I am ready for action. This time I have a new tactic. Everything will be washed and ready for tomorrow - and I will get in The Zone and pack it all up tomorrow, all at once. Tomorrow. The day before we leave. Eek. I just glanced down at my handy List, and it is telling me to find the binoculars, see if old camcorder battery fits in new camcorder, and charge camera batteries.
Better jump on that while I remember.
I'll try to check-in before the Big Departure!


  1. Elevator music - love that! I actually can hear it...

  2. Bethany,

    I could hear the music too! Oh! I hope y'all have the best time {EVER}. :)
    Big E has been eating like that too..must be the end of four year old growth spurt???
    Have fun. :)

  3. Okay, Bethany, I am ready to read about your trip...so come home! :)
    I hope y'all had fun at D. World!


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