Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Memoriam

Our gallant old gal, and kitty friend of 19 years has taken the Great Walk. Last night around 11pm Rick & I were puttering around before bed, tending to all the things that needed care before we could clock out. Rick went out to close the garage and call Knocker in for the night. I heard him calling, and went out to help look for her. Usually she walks right in to be fed, meowing all the way.

But as we stood out front softly calling her, we somehow knew her time had come. Rick recalled that the night before, she had been meowing and refusing to come in for the night. And I had been out at noon to give her some tuna from our lunch - but couldn't find her.

So we stood under the moon, shedding a few tears for a long-time pal who was endearing in her kooky, sometimes annoying way. We will miss her "Rawr. Rawr. RAWR." and her snoozing presence on the front stoop. But we know she has joined her own friend Sharkey, who took his walk last spring. Both of them went in the daytime, seeming to vanish into thin air. One moment, they were laying out front in the sun - next moment, gone.

We have gone out to call for her all morning, hoping to hear her loud meow, and knowing it to be futile.

And wondering why it is the way of animals to disappear at their time. I call it the Great Walk, sort of like a walkabout, as they search for a hiding place to lay their weary bones & call it a day.

So, when you think of us this week, call out a "Rawr" for Knocker and know that we are missing that crazy old girl.

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  1. this is a sweet post.
    Sorry about the kitty.
    Hope she found a good place to lie down...


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