Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer cleaning

This week I got into summer cleaning, I guess in preparation for school starting for 3 of the 4 young'uns. It feels good to take a load to G@@dw!ll & get that much more crap-ola out of the closets.
I like to sneak broken or aggravating toys out whenever possible, and hope not to get caught. Today I had loaded the back of the van with a bag of cheap puzzles that the kids have no interest in. I almost succeeded in a stealthy give-away, then eagle-eye Jadyn peered over the seat and saw the puzzles. I told her I had been cleaning out the cabinet. She seemed to think the back of the car was where I had chosen to store them. :) Then, when we were driving away from the donation spot, she spotted an old doll high chair I had off-loaded. Oops.

So I have a sense of accomplishment & some cabinet space to spare.

  • My Mom comes for a visit tomorrow! She will be relieved to see I cleaned in preparation for her visit... so we will be able to get out & about, or sit & relax (haha), and not do chores.

Tomorrow we are taking the girls to their preschool open house - very exciting! We were thrilled to find out that they will have the same teachers that Cole had. We love this couple, Janet & Jim! And that means that next week I will have only one small baby in the house, for 2 mornings a week. I thought this day would never come! And it will be interesting to see the girls make friends & develop their own little lives independent of the family.

More on this next week...

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  1. hope you and your mom have fun! that is so funny about being excited about two mornings with only one child to take care of! :)
    have fun during your time, "off."


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