Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yes, I have time for all of this...

People ask me every day how I have time to do "____" (fill in the blank - read books, maintain my website, upload pictures, play on F@ceb**k, cross-stitch, make banana bread, make scrapbooks, be on the HOA Board, etc, etc.) And I usually shrug and say something like "Oh, I read instead of cleaning the house." Actually, being online is an easy hobby with a houseful of kids. I can sit at the household crossroads of my kitchen table & view every in/out up/down move of the kids - and not have to put away tools, papers, or gear involved in other hobbies. Right now my other hobbies are on hold until the kids are all in bed, because I can't have them getting into all my "stuff." It's quite irksome to make a great scrapbook card, leave the room for a moment, and come back to a crayon-scribbled mess. Or to leave some sewing out, only to have all the needles and all of the thread color tags disappear into the void... No, I think for now the less tools & supplies, the better. Hit "save" and walk away! Woo-hoo!

I guess the biggest time-sucker that I don't fall into so much is TV. Sure, there are a lot of shows I enjoy, and even a few that I commit to for the season. And I do get caught up in mindless goofy shows now & then ("It's C&mplic@ted" - really?? No Denise, it's actually not that complicated.) , and often can't look away from a well-loved Seinfeld re-run. But for the most part, I can't stand to sit there and click around just looking for entertainment. I'd rather click around online or edit photos or make banana bread or.... blog! Besides, this has a purpose, a higher goal! Blogging will hone my writing skills so that I can pick up a career when the littlest Lear goes off to school in a few short years.

Come on, it's more fun than watching Lifetime.... :)

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  1. this is great!
    another blogger buddy.
    I will email you links to some of my favorite ones.


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