Friday, August 8, 2008

All for one, one for all

Rick stepped outside with Cole to look at the tomatoes, and within a minute, everyone was on the doorstep. Even the cat walked up & started meowing. It's like some sort of communal consciousness, a "knowing". It also happens whenever I close my eyes for a quick, secretive nap. They come out of the woodwork from wherever they were previously occupied. Cole is the best at being tuned in - I can be sitting nearby for an hour, but if I step outside, or God forbid, into the bathroom, he raises the roof yelling for me. :) And then he looks all pitiful, and tells me he thought I left him. Where does this abandonment complex come from?! I have explained sincerely that I will never leave him home alone. I have explained that it's even against the law for parents to leave young kids home alone. Maybe that's part of the "knowing" too - he knows that some days, I just want to take a walk around the block... alone... and he's always on guard. :)


  1. let's see if i can do this now...
    what i said earlier:
    this sounds like my house.
    I can open the door to do something as mundane as water the plants on the front stoop, and anything that is alive in my house comes running to the door to go out! :)

  2. Yay! We worked this comment deal out :) And, that is exactly it, kid radar...


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