Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bike derby!

A busy week... aren't they all?! :)

Isabella & Jadyn had school Tuesday, and Rick took a vacation day. Imagine our delight - only one child - free sailing! So we packed our car-screaming bundle of joy and stayed out riding around, browsing, just hanging out the entire morning. And had lunch out... what a treat for me... And Phoenix fell asleep in the car after 6 minutes (seemingly 16!) of crying, so we were practically alone! :)

This seems to be the way post-preschool will go: Isabella sits me down, and slowly takes each picture/drawing/project out of her bag, describing it in detail all the way. Jadyn throws her bag at me and says "You take it out." Then Jadyn says "Bewa played with a girl today. A girl in a pink shirt." Isabella nods sagely, "Yes. We played ponies." I ask, did Jadyn make a new friend too? Jadyn stares at me and somersaults away. She later names 2 boys in class that she "loves." I'll keep you posted on this.

The big fun deal of the week is the new bike-riding frenzy! A co-worker of Rick's had given us 2 bikes back when our girls were born. They have been in the attic for the past 3 years, and we decided... what are we waiting for?? Bring it on!! So began the daily bike derby in the clubhouse parking lot. And getting there (one block away) is half the battle. Keeping the teetering girls away from the curb, out of the middle of the road, off of each others tires, away from the stroller... whew! But to see them slowly cruising around, sticking close together like they're towing each other with a short rope - it is too cute.

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  1. those bikes were a great gift!
    I am jealous of the bike derby :(


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