Thursday, October 1, 2009

Overheard [part trois]

You may be a fan of my Overheard series, if a few parts can be called a series. I say it can, as it can only grow as material appears. And material appeared this morning, as I puttered around packing lunches.
The wildcats were watching a show, as they had all been up since 6am and were dressed and ready for school. Perhaps you think TV is inappropriate at 6:30am on a school day, and if so, then I present the alternative, as it was presented to me: let's play tag and scream at the top of our lungs and be sure to knock the baby down while running by and also mess up the freshly brushed hair and pull the clips out and oh don't forget to slap as you tag so someone can cry and oh better yet let's all fight!

So TV it was.
Jadyn started her new request list of Toys She Wishes She Could Have as each new commercial came on. I responded absentmindedly from the kitchen, the usual: "Mmhmm. We'll see. I'll think about it." This went on for a while.

Jadyn: "Can we get that Mom?! It's for TWO players!!"
Jadyn: "Oooh! How about that Mom! It's only one tiny thing..."
Cole, ranting, fed up with Jadyn's requests: "Jadyn, you have wanted everything you have seen, all morning! We are hardly gonna get even a Matchbox car, let alone that thing. I have tried to convince Mom for 8 years that buying toys is good, and it hasn't worked!"

Ah. Yeah. So I'm not the toy-buying consumerist sort.
But, I present Exhibit A below, which does in fact offer some redeeming Mom quality.

I am "normal siez" and that is a relief. Actually I am fancily-dressed with gigantic thumbs, and we all know what that means! Wait... I am a girl, so what does that mean?!

(Artwork courtesy of Cole. Fancy gown & high heels courtesy of Cole's imagination.)


  1. Oh. My. Gawd. (not taking name in vain here, right?)
    This is just beyond words - love it. I wanna know whatcha been up to to get such big thumbs!?!?
    Please tell Coley-Cole I LOVE his artwork and all the details!

  2. He should have made the thumbs big and green - I have been gardening a lot... ;-) But not in that evening gown...


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