Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yes, yes, this has become The Phoenix show lately. I am well aware that He Is The Star right now. My sidekick cracks me up though, and last night was a hoot.

He has learned to climb, and climb he does, onto anything and everything. Why, oh why, and how, oh how, did I manage to bear FOUR climbers?? Most families seem to get one certified monkey, but not us.

So anyway, Phoenix's favorite new spot is the bench and the table. So, when he saw Cole & Isabella sitting there coloring, he climbed right up beside them. And proceeded to pick Cole's pocket and go through his wallet. I glanced over when I heard the velcro, and then started snickering. Cole hadn't felt or noticed a thing, and kept right on coloring.

This is the kind of scalliwag we have been granted. Did you think Jadyn took the cake? Phoenix gives her a run for the money. Up for grabs? Title of Family Scamp. Those of you who knew Jadyn at this age will quake to learn that Phoenix is also a Phantom. He can disappear from view at a park in 5 seconds. Gone. And apparently lift a wallet without getting caught.

I feel the grays popping up all over my head, again.

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  1. Love this...another phantom!?!? See this is what you get for having the patience of a saint, dear B..


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