Thursday, October 8, 2009

Everyday adventures in the sun


The clouds blew away, the sun came out
The kids banged on the door
and all headed out.
For some everyday adventures, beating around the drive
Sometimes it's enough, in the sun and being alive.
Blue-eyes had a twig, named Leafy-Sticky Lear
Her sister had a handful: rocks & leaves from there to here
Little and Big rolled a barrel
monkeys not included
And Mom sat watch, sipped a drink betimes and brooded.
That really it's small moments, active and in the sun
Unplanned random moments
Speaking life - hey it's begun.

The late afternoon light sparkles in the front yard, adding depth to big bright eyes, and always making me run for the camera.


  1. Aren't those the hours you hope are stamped in your mind....for one day?

  2. Hey, B! I commented yesterday, but came back and saw my comment was gone. Love this writing of yours (as usual) and what great photos to celebrate everyday. Nicely done, friend.

  3. They are SO cute! These are some of our favorite kind of days too!


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