Saturday, October 31, 2009

pre-Halloween craze

Upon reflection of the utter madness that has already been going on this day, even before the ingestion of mass quantities of candy... I had an idea. It seems quite logical and should probably be required.

When the homeowner opens the door to the smiling trick or treaters, and holds out a basket of candy, he or she should have in the other hand a tray of shots for the parents to select from.

Treat for the kids. Treat for the parents. All's fair, my pretties.

Because, really. As cute as the itty bitties all look in their dearly loved get-ups - I do not love the raging sugar madness that follows. So a little drinky along the way would do wonders for the fun-factor of parents.

Until this catches on, my aunt & uncle have the right idea. They trick or treat with their 4 kids, and tote a wagon behind. The wagon is for their cooler to ride in as they tool around Smallwood.

Cheers, and have a freaky fright night!


  1. I love it Bethany!!
    A cooler wagon :)
    I should have been with them tonight. :)


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