Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Keep in mind, I like awesome

This phrase is brought to you by TAMN, a blogger I read and regularly hoot with laughter over. There is a phenomenon in the blogosphere, a Mormon-Mommy-blogger phenomenon - and TAMN (stands for Tiffany-Amber-Megan-Nicole) is Everywoman. She does a hilarious job of spoofing on mommy-bloggers. Her way-cool life, full of way-perfect clothes, way-perfect twins, way-perfect size 0 post-partum body and a way-perfect husband are all so perfectly done, it is too much.

So when she asked for song suggestions, since playlist music on blogs says sooo much about the blogger, yeah, she said "Keep in mind, I like awesome." I walked away chuckling, and repeating it to myself, and have to tell you that I wholeheartedly agree with TAMN.

Time has been taken away from staring at the perfect, and as-yet-only-once-opened cover of my new book, to tell you, my dear friends to make that our mantra. Hair? Shoes? Scrapbook layouts? Workouts? Music? Flowerpots? Foreign movies? Shabby need not apply.

Keep in mind, we like awesome.

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