Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Mom did tell you she likes awesome

Hi, My name is trouble. Because of me, many projects of organizing and locking away and hiding and hanging have been started recently.

Yesterday, our counter looked like this. Because people kept putting all the good stuff up there, where I couldn't reach it. This worked, but was a big mess. I should show you where a lot of that stuff *used* to be. There's a picture of me up top of a big white climby-thingy-platform that I like to get on every chance I get. Whenever it's cluttered up with stuff, I throw it off. It looks better on the floor, and gives me more space to slide around and jump. If I find markers or drinks, my life is good. My siblings like to draw, so markers and paper are a good bet for that table.

But then, Mom had an idea. All the colorful drawings should go in the playroom! And they should hang on a wire that seemed made for the job! Because it certainly wasn't made for the job of hanging sheers. They were horribly droopy on that wire. So with a lot of help from me, and a lot of tools and a few shouts of "Phoenix! Drop that hammer NOW!"... she got it all up on the wall.

Halloween can't come soon enough for the kids. It's all they talk about, and I'm ready to say all right! Enough with the scary masks and pumpkin faces! I am not a fan of masks, as you might have heard. I tell them "I seared! I seared!" But they laugh at my fear, and just keep right on drawing scary pumpkin faces.

This worked out great and really made my Mom smile. She said to keep in mind that she likes awesome. And this is one awesome artwork wire.

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  1. Oh, kids cracked up at the photo of P. over the air conditioner, hair in the air. I cracked up at the wire of pumpkin guards! Too funny that smallest scamp of yours!


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