Friday, October 16, 2009

An answer to Ninja


I have wondered for weeks where or what Ninja could be. An amusement park? A city? Yet there was no further information about this mysterious place - only the declaration that the girls classmate had gone there.

It started like this:

Mommy, Saki wasn't at school this week. She went to Ninja.


Mommy, Saki isn't in our class anymore. She went to Ninja.

I wondered. I put all my considerable preschool-speech-translation skills to use. Ninja... ninja... ninja... what in the world is Ninja?!

Today, illumination came.

Mommy, we have nametags at our school. Anushka lost 3 nametags, but I helped her find one. But we had to throw Saki's nametag away. She isn't coming back to our school. She moved to INDIA.

A-ha! That elusive Ninja was indeed a vibrant and colorful place, as I had imagined!
Thank you Isabella.

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