Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Girl Interrupted (ie It's Here!)

Dear Life,

You are hereby on notice of interruption. Whatever I was in the middle of this week, be it cleaning, crafting, sorting, gardening or parenting (*cough cough*) - is herewith placed on hold.

Girl Interrupted

it's here it's here it's here It's HERE!!!! Let the wild reading rumpus start! I swear, when I opened the front door after hearing the bell ring, I actually gasped and squealed and got short of breath. I carefully opened the box, admired the beauty of the cover art, and slowly opened the cover to check for the signature. (cut to me dancing)

Diana touched my booook, Diana signed my booook...
I'l be around kids, never fear, though I'll have to tone down the speed-reading so that I can enjoy. Every. Last. Page.
(PS: It has been raining a lot, so no, the wet spot around the doormat was NOT caused by my uber excitement. Promise. Swear! Would I risk wetting my book like that?! Shiver, no!)

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  1. Bethany,
    this is so cute! ay que excitement!
    have fun reading your book. :)


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