Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My maternal grandmother, Gig, is home again after a brief stay at the hospital.

When she was checked in last week, we weren't sure how long her stay would be. So the kids immediately set out to make "get well" cards and pictures for her.
I put a picture of Gig on the fridge, and told the kids we needed to pray for her to get all better soon. No better method than to set the multitudes a-stormin' the holy gates, right? (that word is my Mom's addition - I wouldn't go so far as to call the brood a "multitude," now would I? Hmm?)

Cole got a small chair from the playroom and staked out a spot right in front the picture. He assumed a prayerful position and sat there silently. If the prayers of small, earnest hearts count for anything extra, then that was a moment.

So I mailed the cards, and waited to hear the prognosis. It was a short wait, as I found an email from Gig in response to last week's blog post. She regularly responds to each post by emailing her encouraging thoughts, and I look forward each time to what she will say about what I have said. More so this time, because it meant she was home again, and well enough to be online.

Then on Monday, I chuckled when I received this email from Gig:

"Tell the children thanks for the get well cards. I took Bush down from the frig and put up new art work."

Well, well, well. Who would've thought. I actually feel a little sorry for GW and Laura, as they have reigned quite supreme on that fridge for many a year!

I am mostly just happy to know that Gig is recovering well. She is not just a grandmother, in the snuggly home-made cookie sort of way. She is my friend. My listening ear. Those doctors tell us that her lung function is reduced, but I have to say - she still has a-plenty of hot air... ;-)

Be well Gig! The multitudes love you!

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  1. So glad to hear Gig is doing better! I'm SO impressed she goes Nanny (93) refuses to even get an anwering machine or microwave.
    Glad to see your post - missed you. (Deep into the new book?)


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