Monday, September 8, 2008


The girls were feeding their stuffed puppies and animals today, and it cracked me up.

They got the nursing pillow, and sat together on the couch breast-feeding their various animals, and carrying on conversations between each other and the animals.

Isabella told her puppy to save some for the rest of the animals.

Jadyn declared early on"Everyone, I can't feed you, I just got 2 little bweasts." Then she told the Beanie crab, "I gonna feed you, 'cause Bewa feeding her puppy a LOT like Mommy feeds Phoenix a LOT."

Isabella tells one baby, "Why did everyone cry? She's gonna drink 2 milkies, so I can't feed the other one." "We need some bigger bweasts so we can feed Po (a big panda)."

Jadyn: "You can't feed my puppy, 'cause he delicate."

Isabella: "Puppy! Don't dwink too much milkie!"

Jadyn then begins to throw her animals around the room like they are in a hurricane. Isabella jumps up to rescue them, but decides throwing them is more fun.

Ah, the balance between maternal feelings and the desire to be wild... :)


  1. oh my good Lord! That is just hilarious. The fun never ends, eh?


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