Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Will we all become root doctors?

Friends, I can't gently segue from yesterday's introspective child-bearing post, to today's slightly heated topic.
Don't think I stopped caring about politics, just know that after last fall's hectic race and victory, I have sat back to watch and see what happens. What I have seen and experienced with regard to healthcare costs is maddening. The lack of cooperation in Washington, and the absurd head-in-the-sand stance of the people is frustrating. Say it together, kids - this is not political, this is about our families, our income and our standard of care!

Change in the healthcare system does not have to mean a government-run system. But it DOES have to mean change. The co-pays are steadily rising, the premiums are steadily rising, and standard care is rapidly declining.
As politicians love to do, let me tell you a story about, well, ME. I can't deal in random generalizations, but I can tell you what the personal experience of a family of 6 has been. Starting with the day before Phoenix arrived. Could you ever guess that hurrying to the OB to confirm dilation and impending labor, and then being sent to the hospital as a result of that confirmation, could be labeled an uncovered "trouble" visit?
Well, that is what a certain colorful cross and shield insurance calls it. And it merits an exorbitant fee.
Though upon being challenged, they finally agreed that impending labor and delivery was not in fact "trouble" but the relief of trouble, and in fact the desired method of relief, as I so loudly pointed out! On that day I happened to speak with a rep that had the ability to think critically, and arrive at the solution. Fee removed.

Fast forward to the current disagreement, over a small matter of water in the ears. Did you know that having water in your ears, trapped behind the wax, and subsequently needing an ear-flushing by a nurse, is considered a surgical procedure? And is subject to a separate surgical deductible? What sorts of home surgeries have I been unknowingly performing on my children! Because as any parent knows, the intimate nature of parenting is certainly more surgical than the 1-minute flushing of an ear with salt water.
Yet cross and shield is currently arguing that the $40 co-pay, plus the $70 surgical co-pay seems about right for a salt water surgical flush. Right about now, I'm thinking that swimming is a hazard, and to avoid further potential "surgeries" we should stay out of the pool. Because let's do the math, 6 people swimming with potential water getting in very real ears, could equal $660 of fake surgery. All from a little summer fun.

I could go on with examples, and I'm guessing most of you could, too, but the salient point here is this: the current private, market-driven system does not work. I don't know that I want a government-run system, but I do know that when the biggest financial worry is the healthcare coverage of a relatively healthy family of 6, something has to change.
And isn't that what we voted in anyway? A change of thinking?
Now let's all take a deep breath and let it happen.
It's not politics.
It's family and it's life and it's touching each one of us.
Just because there is no alternative proposal, doesn't mean sticking with the status quo is the right thing.

Pretty soon I'll be calling Mom for a homemade tincture or an herbal potion, just to avoid ridiculous fees and healthcare apprehension. And when that becomes the case, look out. Funny smells and colorful pastes cure lots of things...

The Root Doctor is in.

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  1. i wonder what they consider getting out a splinter to be?? now there's a surgery for ya!


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