Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scenes of the week

My mom has been teaching the girls to sew buttons on shirts - decorative buttons, in many shapes and colors. She is like a button bedazzler, and their tee shirts and jeans have been decorated. They have played Candyland and Monopoly every day, taken walks and chatted. The children soak it in and Rick and I have been invigorated by a few moments alone and a few nights out. Whee!

Yesterday we drove up to the lake, to a small lakeside state park about 25 minutes away. Rick and I used to go there every weekend to cook out, and enjoy lounging by the water. We haven't been in a while and it was so nice to be at our old spot. The picnic area is on the water, but there isn't a beach in that area. So it was great for us, back in our childless stage, but now all the kids want is to get. in. that. water. NOW. So we let them climb around on the rocks, and then we walked over to the little beach.

Here are a few scenes of the week:

Our project of course, since Mom never visits without doing a project. My chaise! My serenity corner project! She is making a slipcover for it, out of this fabulous fabric I found.

I have fiddled with this picture and it doesn't want to cooperate and turn... but I wanted you to see Jadyn sewing a button on her shirt, and the be-buttoned jeans.

Notice the sombrero-wearing dog that Mom is holding below. This little jewel dances and sings Feliz Navidad, and has been a huge hit. The girls call him "Jasper's brother" since he looks like Mom's little dog Jasper.

Please notice that Isabella is wearing a dress! Stop the presses... she saw Mom in a sundress, and ran upstairs to find a dress. And wore the dress, along with 2 hair clips ALL day. A Bella first!

Did you wonder where Phoenix is? He's around, puttering along and doing his thing. But he will not go near Mom yet, and keeps looking at her suspiciously out of the corner of his eye. Sound familiar? At least we know this too passes, as it has with Jadyn.
So long for now...


  1. those pictures are great! don't you love to see your kids with the other person in the world who could even come close to loving them like you do? it's like the know it too--eventually. :)
    go bella!

  2. Yes! It is so sweet. She is the only one, no grandpas, no grandmas - just 2 great-grandmas on my side. See that lake?? That's the one that we need a boat for!


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