Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An extra Mama

Don't we all need one some days? Ah, the extra Mama.

I get one for 5 days. My Mom just got here, and the days are looking bright. Right after she and Phoenix finish napping, I am sure we will have some fun projects to work on. After the napping and oh, wait, the stretching regime - then we'll get to the fun. Oh and I forgot the herbal root remedies. After the napping, the stretching, the herbal-root-taking - then comes the fun. I think that's all she needs to get herself going. (Oh, she's gonna get me for that.)

The older kids are in camp for part of the day tomorrow, so Mom and I will get out and do a little shopping and flea marketing. But the big project will be cutting and pinning the slip cover for my chaise lounge! Ahhhhh, soon my serenity corner will be complete... and pictures will follow so that you can imagine me there during the daily quiet time.

The daily quiet time is going well this summer. Phoenix naps, the kids watch a movie, and I read...the backs of my eyelids. Each afternoon. See, all it takes is a plan, and the willingness to bribe others to go along with the plan. At least bribes are cheap (lollipop!) at this age.

I'll check back in with Gigee updates, as they happen!

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