Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Child-proofing the Roar Way

Finally, we have it. A clean bill of health around here.
This is me just saying "Oh, hi!" so that you know I made it through and didn't run away.

I see a lot of bloggers sharing tips on a number of things, and I am always willing to pass on what I've learned. Especially regarding children, and the village it takes to raise them. Now, you may think that being on number 4 has given me an edge, and that maybe I've in some ways seen it all.

That doesn't happen to be the case. Mambo Number 4 has thrown some curves and proves the point that every child has a different button to push. With Phoenix, I have discovered a child-proofing tactic that is almost magical.
See Exhibits A and B, above.
The dinosaur sphinx flanking the doorway.
Guardians of house plants and other cherished non-baby items.
Behold my childproofing magic!
Phoenix really likes to get into a tall plant pot, in the front room. Our neighbors gave it to us recently, when they moved and couldn't fit it in the truck. It is a beautiful, tall bamboo in a lovely pot. It also happens to have white stones and shiny jewel-like rocks covering the soil in the pot. Clearly these neighbors only had dogs to worry about.
Phoenix considered those shiny little stones to be mouth-watering candies. He snuck in there ALL the time to pop one in his mouth. My previous doorway gate just wasn't doing the trick anymore, as years of use have brought it to its knees.
So I had to resort to a new tactic.
Enter, the dinosaur masks!
Phoenix may love those stones, but he does not love those dinosaurs. He will not go near them alone, or pass through that doorway. Though if we are holding him, he roars at them and acts very brave...

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  1. That is too cute!
    The scare tactic. :)
    I can just see a scared baby face--trying to decide...hmmmshiny rocks, or avoiding mean dinosaurs.


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