Monday, July 13, 2009


I gotta little change in my pocket... going jang-a-lang-a-lang...

So I've got this change (and by change I mean bills) to spend, and I've been browsing online.
I really have more fun simply imagining what I could buy with a little spending money. It's harder for me to actually spend it - but dreaming? Oh, that's the fun part.
The situation is this. I have come by a bit of spending money. It's a convoluted tale that travels by way of the NC utility company through my Dad to my Mom to me. So it's sort of free and unattached and I don't have to use it for anything practical. Aha! The magical (fun) appearance of impractical money!

This money was a-jangling 'round my head for weeks. I made comment after comment about what my Dad would approve me spending it on. First, Florida. Only our trip there was surprisingly inexpensive due to Rick's hotel points he had saved from all of his business trips. Because we weren't out doing a lot of sight-seeing or shopping this time, and if you aren't sure why not... then please join us and our 4 children for a bit of shopping or an errand or even just a walk down the street. It's a mad dash to get the necessities and get out of public spaces with all the children intact.

But back to my daydreaming. Florida, of which Dad would have seriously approved, was not the place to spend my money.
Next, I looked at pianos. Anything musical would have been approved by either parent - and since my Mom plays too, double bonus. But... there's the noise to consider. And the fact that if I was really looking to honor Dad, I would have to learn some Yanni songs. Mmm-hmm. Floaty!

Then I checked out some craft tables. Tables and storage for all of my projects - oh-la-la! There are some very cool crafty centers out there, and I really would like an area to call my own. But in the end it wasn't really much fun to think about one, because I don't get a lot of crafting time right now. (See previous paragraph.) So the current set-up works fine.

Rick snorted at all of my waffling, and said if I really wanted to please Dad, I would put my money towards a party boat. Well, he has a point there. A boat is definitely a leisure activity we could all enjoy. But that is a giant purchase with many details and ramifications, and really, the thought just complicated my pleasant musings on treats for myself. A boat can be Rick's daydreaming/online browsing fun.

The final browsing became the final decision.

A digital camcorder! A new gadget!

Our old one is 8 years old and not working properly. I've been looking around, comparing and reading reviews for a while now, and I found what I wanted. ( I'm sure I don't even need to mention that I got a fabulous deal!) I record the goings-on here daily, and have been trying to make dvd's too - but the old system and the new tricks do not mesh well. So when my choice gets here, and checks out properly and syncs properly with this finicky system called windows vista... Well, then I'll be thrilled. Before then, I'll just wait on it, and reserve the right to return it and continue my daydreaming. :)


  1. This is funny, Bethany.
    The whole time I was reading this, i was thinking...A BOAT!
    Do y'all have water nearby?
    A boat is what we're getting--whenever the jingle permits. :)

  2. Great idea! But I'm amazed that digital recorders cost the same amount as boats these days! ;)

    I have a little spending money, too, and I'm thinking of getting a really nice lens for my camera...

    But you're right, dreaming is almost more fun than buying!


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