Thursday, July 2, 2009

plague intermission: quotes

Enjoy some Cole today. It'll do a body good. I have 3 for you.

Cole: Mom, what is sex?
Mommy (wide-eyed and frozen in place): Umm, what's the context? (Buy some time! Think! Think! How much detail! Too much, too little, just right - Ack!!!)
Cole: Right here on my child safety sheet from school, it says hair color, eye color, sex.
Mommy: (Ahhh.... sweet relief) Oh, that's easy!


Cole: Mommy, don't laugh or giggle or make fun of me when I talk about this.
Mommy: (professional straight face on, eye contact made) OK sweetie, what's up?
Cole: I'm getting to be 8 years old now, and I'm thinking about joining eHarmony.


Cole: (upon seeing me on the couch today, cuddling the girls) Oh that's great, just great! Now they've both got fevers, so that makes 3 kids that will need you, and how are you going to ever have any attention or time for me? Who's going to feed me?!


And a little taste of Jadyn:
Mommy, I wish that Phoenix and Cole and you and all of us could all stay the same size that we are right now. 'Cause I like our family.

Intermission over. Back to plague house. Bugs gone. Three feverish kids, check. Stomach bug, check.
This is me crying Uncle.

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  1. Priceless and absolutely hysterical! Hope everyone is feeling better!


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