Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Tale of the Missing Banana

She smirked happily, thinking of warm, fresh banana bread.

She gloated over her foresight in hiding one large banana so that it could ripen.

She sighed knowing there was the one required stick of butter left.

All the pieces were in place. It was time. Gustatory nirvana would soon be achieved.

Only... where had the banana gone?

Who had clambered onto the counter and sought it out? And why? They don't even like the slightly brown ones, so how could The Plan have failed? Dad had been apprised of The Mission, so he was clear.

Three days in the making, countless close calls as the Littlest (most rabid banana-eater) One almost spotted it, and now No Banana.

Travesty. Oh, the travesty!

Which of the small monkeys could have perpetrated this crime?

Stay tuned for the shocking conclusion.

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