Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scenes from the week

Greetings on a Sunday morning!

I have completed a project:
Here are my freshly covered kitchen chairs. Sunbrella outdoor fabric wipes off well! I may not make custom window treatments like Mama, but give me some fabric and a staple gun, and I'm good to go.

Phoenix has a new hangout, and he is obsessed with it. This particular hangout has earned him his first series of timeouts, as he figured out how to open to dishwasher repeatedly, while it was running. Oh la la! Noise and steam and fun - or so he thought. He hangs on the door and jumps, he rattles the racks, he finds himself in the playroom with the door closed. Poor wittle itty bitty boy.

Surely they could play alone for a few minutes, while I dried and dressed Phoenix. Surely turning on the jets would be fun. Surely the bubbles wouldn't go crazy and overflow...

They said "Let's make a hoagie!" And so they did. (Though Jadyn got the raw deal, if you ask me.)

The End.

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