Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guest Blog from Phoenix

Dear Mommy,

Let's get right down to it. I'm really loving the cereal puffs you've been throwing my way. They are so easy to munch and drool on. They also make me feel big. Which reminds me, I like the way you call me Mr. Big. Lovin' that name. It is just so "me" and I hope it sticks. Though if you are gonna call me Mr. Big, you could lose the Boppy pillow when you sit me down. I mean, really. On the off-chance that I tip over, it's carpet. Chill out. If my sissies knock me over with all their rough lovin' I will just giggle. Promise.

Also? What is up with my ears? They are seriously floppy. I know you think it's cute and all, and sometimes I hear you call me Yoda... but if they don't learn their place, I'm gonna need some hats or something.

You and Dad are doing a great job at feeding me every time I feel a tummy rumble. Lose the greens though, I am not diggin' those at all. I have tried to tell you, using grunts and spitting and all, but those greens keep showing up. And hiding them in sweet potatoes is not working. At all. I know my colors, people. Orangey/green is a dead giveaway.

About that sippy cup. The red is a cool color, and I enjoy the chewy rubber tip. As far as drinking? Um, no. Mom does just fine in that department, and you are really mucking up the works with that cup. Tried to tell you that, too, with lots of spitting and grinning, but you're not getting it. I only want to play with it, so don't be surprised when it ends up on the floor. I got a perfectly good milk supply, and don't intend on changing that anytime soon.

Which leads me to Mommy. When I grab your face in my small talons and drag it to my mouth? I want to get my teeth on something. You can call it a kiss, call it a smooch, but really? I am hoping from some chin or cheek to soothe my aching, teething mouth. Stop dodging me and just hold still. You know you love it.

I'll keep in touch.

Love, smooches, and all that good stuff,


On the occasion of his 9th month.

P.S. Kinda new at this photo-loading stuff, and this one is crooked. But gotta say, I am lovin' being dressed up by sissy and sissy all the time. And when I make that Zzi-sssee sound every time they are near? Yeah, that's really "sissy" I'm saying.


  1. That face the adorable "mr. big" is making in the top photo? --it's what i call the sugar face. i just want to kiss it off!!!

  2. :) Yes, they become pros at that face, and that's how he gets held all day long...


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